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Sienna Hills is owned and managed by the Trust Lands Administration. When a Sienna Hills parcel is ready to be developed, SITLA puts out a Request for Proposal (RFP), wherein potential developers are given an opportunity to present to the Trust Lands Administration a plan detailing why it should be selected to develop the subject parcel. The typical RFP includes complete proformas, credentials, company resumes, references, experience, phasing plans, construction plans, building, and development renderings etc. Further, it details whether the potential developer wants to purchase the land or enter into a JV arrangement with the Trust Lands Administration, and demonstrates, based on past experience, how and why it will be successful and how much money it will bring to the Trust Lands Administrations’ beneficiaries.

The Trust Lands Administration bases its selection on which applicant is most likely to perform according to the RFP and also on which applicant will be most likely to generate the most money to the beneficiaries, while complimenting and improving the existing look at Sienna Hills.

After a Developer is chosen, they will coordinate with builders for all construction, which brings the project to completion.


Existing Sienna Hills Builders
Parcel Neighborhood Builder Plat
1 Copper Leaf S&S Homes Download
11a Sienna Heights (completely built out) Bangerter Homes; Utah Builders LLC; Ence Homes Download
15b Sienna Heights Garden Homes Bangerter Homes Steve Peterson


12 the Villas Salisbury Homes Download
3 the Casitas Ivory Homes

Download (ph 1)

Download (full)

4 the Arroyo Coral Canyon Builders, Salisbury Homes, Ence Homes Download this is a large file (6,981KB)


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