The State of Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA) was created to manage 12 real estate trusts granted to the state of Utah by the United States at statehood. At that time, just over 10% of the total land in the state (7,475,297 acres) was designated school trust land, with added acreage for 11 other beneficiaries. Since then, about half of what was originally granted to the state has been sold to private owners. It now manages a 3.5 million-acre real estate portfolio for the financial benefit of the 12 beneficiaries.

The 3.5 million acres managed by the Trust Lands Administration are surface lands, most of which also have subsurface values. In addition, there are about a million more acres of mineral-only lands in the trust — for a total of approximately 4.5 million acres of mineral lands. Among the 12 trust beneficiaries, the Common Schools Trust owns 95 percent of all Utah trust land.

Approximately 100 tracts within the 3.5 million acre portfolio have higher potential development values and are therefore managed by the Trust Lands Administration’s development group. The development group carefully applies real estate development and land planning principles to identify land with high development potential (of which Sienna Hills was a part) and then works with qualified developers in establishing premier land developments.

Pictured above: SITLA Washington County office located in Coral Canyon


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