Ancillary Associations

Authority: Builders can form Ancillary Associations pursuant to the Master CC&Rs—2.4.K and 2.5.M, Section 3, Sienna Hills PCD

An Ancillary Association at Sienna Hills is an association formed by the builder for a specific neighborhood within Sienna Hills--and operates seperately and independently from the Sienna Hills Community Association, or Master HOA. If the builder chooses to incorporate an ancillary HOA into a community, the community will have two associations. Currently Copperleaf, Sienna Heights, Garden Homes, the Villas, and Casitas have two HOA's. Arroyo currently has the Master HOA only.

Ancillary Associations are able to manage the neighborhood they are responsible for. The master HOA oversees the process to make sure that the master CCRs and PCD are not being violated.

Sienna Hills Ancillary HOAs
Parcel Neighborhood HOA Monthly Dues Included*


Copperleaf Monarch Properties e-mail $55.00 No
11 Sienna Heights Community Association Management $55.00 Yes


Garden Homes jeannine53@gmail.com $35.00 Yes
12 the Villas Community Association Management $160.00 No
3 the Casitas Paul Properties $50.00 Yes
4 Arroyo Sienna Hills Community Association (Master Association Only) $15.00 Yes

*Included, as referenced in the table above, asks if the monthly Ancillary HOA dues include the Master HOA's monthly dues of $15.00. A "No" response indicates that the homeowners must pay the Master HOA and the Ancillary HOA separately. A "Yes" response indicates that the homeowners pay only the amount listed in the table above and the $15.00 Master HOA fee is transfered from the Ancillary HOA to the Master HOA.


pictured above: the Villas' club house

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