During the Declarant Control Period (see section 1.30 of the CCRs) regular HOA meetings are not scheduled. However, any Sienna Hills resident may contact the Board Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. at the contact information listed below:

Location: 2303 North Coral Canyon Blvd, Suite 100-A, Washington, UT 84780

Phone: 435-652-2950

Top 4 Items/Concerns from Sienna Hills Residents:

1. School Site Parcel--The School Site Parcel has closed but we have no idea when they will build the school site.


2. Veracity Networks--At this time, all original neighborhoods (Copper Leaf, Sienna Heights, the Garden Homes, and the Villas) are still under contract to use Veracity. However, Veracity has not been enforcing this requirement--but there are no other conduits/lines in the ground so any other service provider must be through satellite only). Our newer neighborhoods (the Casitas and the Arroyo) are not using Veracity and other lines/conduits are a part of the infrastructure in those neighborhoods.


3. Water in Culverts--A few residents continue to call regarding the amount of water running through the box culverts in our trail system (under Grapevine Crossing Road, under Washington Parkway Roundabout, and under I-15). However, these box culverts were designed to carry historical water flows from the north side of Sienna Hills, through the Sienna Hills development, to our detention basin near the Sienna Hills lift station, and finally under Telegraph Road, eventually feeding the Virgin River. These waters cannot be diverted. Fortunately, the culverts are dry enough for passage the majority of the year.

4. Dogs not on Leashes:


A. Harboring Stray Dogs: It shall be unlawful for any person to harbor or keep any lost or strayed dog. Whenever any dog shall be found which appears to be lost or strayed, it shall be the duty of the finder to notify the animal control or the police department within twenty four (24) hours, and the police department shall impound the dog as herein provided. (Ord. 2012-02, 2-8-2012)

B. Dogs Running At Large: It shall be unlawful for the owner or person having charge, care, custody or control of any dog to allow such dog at any time to run at large. If the dog is at large, it shall be a violation of this section regardless of the precautions taken to prevent the escape of the dog and to prohibit it from running at large. (Ord. 92-13, 4-22-1992)

C. Dogs On Unenclosed Premises: It shall be unlawful for any person to chain, stake out or tether any dog on any unenclosed premises in such a manner that the animal may go beyond the property line, unless such person has permission of the owner of the affected property. (1989 Code § 13-245)

The best thing to do if you see dogs off their leashes is to call the police.



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