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Sienna Hills is a 740 Acre Master-Planned Community Developed by the School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration

Sienna Hills lies within a strikingly beautiful landscape and the land planning process, sensitive site planning, and careful building and development methods assure this beauty will remain. Setting aside sensitive lands and building in appropriate areas will assure the lasting value of this desert landscape. Preservation of these natural assets is very important to the Sienna Hills environmentally planned community. Development in Sienna Hills should be reflective of, and enhanced by, the colors, textures, lines, and forms of the surrounding natural

Utilizing the setting of the Mojave (southwest desert) environment with correlated parks, open space, and trail
systems, Sienna Hills beckons a lifestyle utilizing the outdoors and openness. Representative architecture for
the project shall include traditional and contemporary southwestern and Mediterranean styled homes and
commercial buildings. Stucco, brick, blocks, stone and tile with earthtone colors that complement each other
and the desert oasis theme are simple, compatible, and intriguing in form. Elements of this architectural
theme are encouraged throughout the community in the design of signage and street furniture.

Sienna Hills is a water-efficient community. Due to the arid desert environment, responsible management of
our water resources is most appropriate. Water conservation is a priority and is a course of consideration that
is intertwined in the Development Plan of Sienna Hills. (text taken from Sienna Hills PCD, Section 3.1.1)

Picture looking north of Redstone Road from Sandy Talus Road

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