Architectural/Landscaping Alterations

If you need to do something to the exterior of your home, or to your landscaping, you need to submit this form for approval. Currently there are no costs to the homeowner in having these forms reviewed.

Download the Architectural Change/Variance or Landscaping Change form

Authority: "Any change or alteration requested by an Owner or Builder to a structure or design of any part of a lot or parcel shall be submitted in writing to the DRC with the appropriate fee and copies of all plans and specifications detailed in Section 2.4 as to the item or items requesting to be changed or altered. If the change or alteration is preliminarily approved, the Owner or Builder shall also be required to comply with Section 2.5 of these Guidelines." Article 2.7 of Section 3, Design Guidelines, Sienna Hills PCD


Authority: "The DRC Guidelines may include, without limitation, provisions regarding:
(a) the sizeof the maximum Lot coverage for Single Family Dwelling Units;
(b) architectural design of Improvements, including Dwelling Units, with particular regard to the harmony of the design with surrounding structures and topography;
(c) placement of buildings;
(d) landscaping design..;
(e) requirements concerning exterior color schemes, exterior finishes, and materials and requirements concerning yard and building ornaments...;
(f) signage and mailboxes; and
(g) perimeter and screen wall design and appearance." --Section 4.2, CCRs

Basically, the homeowner must get approval of the ancillary HOA first, and then must receive permission from the master HOA.

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